Bio-Tab for Septic Systems

Bio-Tab for Septic Systems
Keep your septic tank healthy for just $4.16 per month

Many of today’s most common household cleaning products, hand soaps, and detergents contain anti-bacterial and antiseptic chemicals. These products interfere with the natural process that occurs in your septic tank. BIO-TAB® is an environmentally friendly septic tank additive that ensures your tank stays in proper working order.

What makes Bio-Tab® Superior

Advanced Formula: Bio-Tab® is a highly concentrated tablet of bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic) and enzymes that act as a biological activator for septic tanks. In short, Bio-Tab® helps septic systems work like they were intended.

Easy-to-Use: Unlike most competitor’s dusty powders or messy liquids, Bio-Tab® is an easy to use tablet form. There’s also a handy tracking sticker on the top of each bottle to track the tablets used per month. Professionally packaged in a small jar (one jar contains a full year’s supply), you can easily store Bio-Tab® without fear of spilling harsh chemicals in your home.

Safe: Composed of organisms deemed safe by the EPA, Bio-Tab® is non-toxic to humans and animals. It is a non-corrosive and non-poisonous product that will not harm plumbing or septic systems.

The Bio-Tab® concept has been designed with you in mind. The combination of tablet form and technologically advanced chemistry assures you of consistent product performance and dosage. These concentrated, time release tablets allow you to easily treat your septic system without the inconvenience of messy liquids or dusty powders.

How BIO-TAB® Works

Bio-Tab®’s carefully constructed tablet form sinks to the bottom of your septic tank where build-up problems begin. While powders and liquids can wash over the surface with little effect, Bio-Tab®’s composition of enzymes and bacteria allows it to gradually dissolve to create a growing area of activity at the bottom of the tank that digests and liquefies organic waste.

– When Bio-Tab® is first added to the septic system, the tablet sinks to the bottom of the tank where there is little to no oxygen. This is where the anaerobic bacteria work best – in the absence of oxygen. Here they solubilize and dissolve the solids and sludge. The liquid then passes into the drain field to be absorbed into the ground.

– Once in the drain field, liquid waste is exposed to the air where aerobic bacteria, which works in the presence of oxygen, can continue the breakdown process. This allows the natural filter action of the surrounding ground to remain unclogged in order to naturally absorb and purify the waste.

– Because Bio-Tab® is able to establish itself by working from the inside out, using it will aid and support the natural digestion of waste, helping your septic system to successfully complete its role and maintain good working condition.

Directions for Use

  • For best results, we recommend the following treatment for every 1,000 gallons of septic tank capacity. The initial application should be repeated after every pumping.
  • For the first application, flush 3 tablets down the toilet to establish action, flushing twice
  • Use 1 tablet each month thereafter to maintain the proper level of bacterial activity, flushing twice with each dosage

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  • Bio-Tab® has a shelf life of about 5 years as long as its kept dry.
  • It’s best to store Bio-Tab® in a cool dry place. Room temperature is fine. Just avoid extreme heat
  • Each jar of Bio-Tab® contains a desiccant packet to help absorb any excess humidity.

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