Septic Sense and Bio-Tab®

A Major Advance in Preventative Septic System TreatmentToday’s Home Septic Systems are under assault like never before. With the growing use of chemicals in the products we use every day to maintain our standards of living, our septic systems are often the unwilling recipients of damaging substances. These substances are foreign to the natural ecological process and can slow down or completely stop the natural digestion of septic system waste.

BIO-TAB® is a Biological Activator

Unlike many other products on the market, BIO-TAB® does not cause the sludge to be redeposited in the drain fields. Instead, BIO-TAB® increases the anaerobic bacteria action of the septic tank and the aerobic action in the drain field, promoting better breakdown of solids and waste throughout the system.

Of the products on the market today, most rely on chemical action to treat the problem or provide only a small amount of biological activators. Of these two approaches, the second is the best, but that still falls short of what is needed.

Anaerobic and Aerobic

Most households today use a wide variety of commercial products in their day-to-day operation. Few, if any, are “ecologically” compatible. They contain various toxins that can kill the microorganisms the septic system depends on to operate properly.

Septic systems are made up of two main units that need each other to properly dispose of the waste. The first part is the septic tank, where the wastewater and solids are deposited. The second is the drain field, where the waste is allowed to drain and filter into the ground.

To properly treat the waste added to the system two kinds of bacteria are needed. Anaerobic and aerobic. While each of these bacteria, produce enzymes that break down the natural solids and sludge, they are activated and function in different areas of the septic system.

BIO-TAB® contains highly concentrated amounts of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.

Let me describe the differences between these types of bacteria and where they work.

When BIO-TAB® is first added to the septic system, the tablet sinks to the bottom of the tank and dissolves where there is little, if any, oxygen. This is where the Anaerobic (works in the absence of oxygen) bacteria works best. Here they solubilize and break up the solids and sludge. The liquid then passes into the drain fields to be absorbed into the ground.

In the drain field, liquid waste is exposed to the air. There, the aerobic (works in the presence of oxygen) bacteria go to work to continue the breakdown. This allows the natural filter action of the surrounding ground to remain unclogged in order to naturally absorb and purify the waste. BIO-TAB®’s use will aid and support this natural digestion of waste helping the septic system to successfully complete its role.

Keep your septic system healthy and working properly by picking up your one-year supply of Bio-Tab today!